🎥 “Red” – A Fish’s Perspective of Tradition 🎥

“Red” takes you on an extraordinary journey into the heart of a New Year’s tradition that often goes unnoticed. In this unique and thought-provoking film, we follow the story of a redfish, sold by a vendor just before the New Year’s Eve festivities begin. The fish plays a central role in the opening ceremony of the new year, but its fate takes a poignant turn as it succumbs to the passage of time.

What sets “Red” apart is its ability to immerse the audience in the world from the perspective of the redfish. It’s as if you’re transported to a piece of the sea, witnessing the beauty and fragility of life through the eyes of this captivating creature.

Beyond its stunning visuals and mesmerizing perspective, “Red” serves as a subtle critique of societal traditions, including the practice of buying decorative fish for New Year celebrations. It challenges us to reflect on the significance of our customs and the stories that often go unnoticed in our daily lives. Let its unique narrative touch your heart.

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