Connect ideas, talent and film market

Filmmaking is a career that allows an individual to use their leadership as well as creative thinking skills to lead and direct major motion pictures or made-for-television films. A filmmaker spends very long hours making sure the film is being shot in a way that will provide entertainment for the audience and will highlight the actors’ and actresses’ strengths. They will see each film through, from where the film is shot, to how the script will be played out, to what actors and actresses best fit the roles of the characters. The filmmaker also manages the financial end of the production.
Today though, young filmmakers know they already have all the tools they need to shoot, cut, and deliver content. The point is that with or without academic education, people of all ages and experiences can and are getting creative behind the camera, and that fact has changed the paradigm. Filmmaking tools have been democratized to a degree that few could imagine even a decade ago, redefining what it means to be a filmmaker. All of this goes back to the question of what it means to be a filmmaker today because whether we want to admit it or not, the term is ripe for reinterpretation. YouTube stars aside, commercial directors will typically refer to themselves as filmmakers, regardless of the amount of films they’ve actually made. They’re telling a story with the camera, and that’s the reality for filmmakers whether they’re shooting a major motion picture or a car commercial or a project that only lasts a few seconds.

As Larry Jordan has said, we need to change with the technology, but we also need to change with the environment. Being a filmmaker isn’t just about having an idea or knowing how to focus pull. It’s about being able to create something that resonates with an audience. It’s about being able to tell a story in a powerful way. It’s about using whatever resources are available to you to bring your idea to life. That last part is key because it’s only recently that those resources are both incredibly powerful and widely available. The term “filmmaker” has evolved before our eyes, and it’s time we embraced it. The word “film” is obviously embedded in there, but being a filmmaker is about so much more than working on or pursuing feature work. Plus, few professionals use actual film any longer, and that number is only going to get less and less. The film school career path never was a set path to success, just like there isn’t now. But what there is now is a lot more opportunity to create something relevant. There’s more opportunity to get a project in front of people. There’s an opportunity to build an audience and showcase what you can do. There’s an opportunity for literally anyone to create and tell a story in a powerful way. This isn’t to tell anyone that they need to follow their passion. That’s a given. But doing so today as a filmmaker can mean going down various paths. For some, that means film school. For others that means working on their own film projects. For others, it means collaborating with friends to create content designed for YouTube. And for others, it means something totally different. To be a filmmaker today, all that matters is that someone can embrace the endless opportunities to create something with more than a smartphone and some free software applications. Filmmakers have always creatively evolved as their careers progressed. Filmmakers today simply need to acknowledge and understand that this evolution won’t just be about them, but about the tools they use as well as the industry itself.